Build your own ticker

Tickers is an open platform for everyone. It doesn't matter if you have a small blog, a YouTube channel or if you are working for a big news website. Maybe you want to use realtime notificatoins in a way we haven't imagined before.

Just build your own ticker and reach all the people out there in realtime. Share your ticker with the rest of the world with a simple link, or embed it on your own website so that the people can easily find and subscribe to it.

Connect external sources

We developed tickers with the idea to automate message sending by using existing data sources. This can be done by using the different Connectors that we provide. Just supply the link to a RSS Feed or the name of a YouTube account (check out the available Connectors) when you set up the channels of your ticker. Our servers will periodically check these data sources for new items and send them automatically to your channels.

But you don't have to use a Connector. You can write and send notifications to all your subscribers simply from within the app, or use our API and automate message sending from your own backend.