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Tickers is a free and anonymous realtime notification app and service. Just think of it as a generic liveticker: Most of you have probably installed a sports app, where you select your favorite team and whenever it scores or wins, you receive a realtime notification. Tickers uses this basic concept and extends it. You select your favorite ticker, subscribe it and receive realtime notifications.

But in tickers, everything can be a ticker: news sites, blogs, YouTube channels, sports results, etc. And you can even start your own ticker and send realtime notifications to your subscribers, e.g. for a live coverage.

You decide what you care about. Subscribe your favorite tickers in the app -- you can enable push notifications, if you want -- and you will never miss anything important again. Or build your own ticker and share it with your friends and the rest of the world.

  • · Free, fast and anonymous
  • · No registration required
  • · Optimized for low data usage
  • · Cross-platform: iOS, Android and Windows
  • · Customizable dark theme
  • · Trending messages
  • · Clean and minimalistic design
  • · Synchronisation across all platforms
  • · Full control over push notifications
  • · Integrated browser

What the Users Think

Simple, easy, handsome and useful.
I tried apps like Hook and even worse ones. Jike was the best until I met this which is on par and has great potential.
Brilliant. Already replaces three different apps.
Great hybrid newsreader!
Great app. A nice mix of news/rss reader and browser.
I don't have to search through websites or apps for news. All together in tickers.
Simply a great app. All news that I care about are easy accessable in one app.
Best notification app.

Free and Anonymous

Your privacy is really important to us. Unlike other apps, tickers does not collect or request your real name, email, phone number or other personal information. We don't need or want to know who you are.

And you don't need to register an account at all if you want to receive realtime notifications. Just download the app and you're ready to go. If you want to create your own ticker, you only need to register an account with an arbitrary name.

As tickers does not collect any personal information, other users or ticker owners do not have access to this data, either. This gives you a high level of anonymity.

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