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We are a small team and we do all the development of tickers in our free time. Therefore we don't have the resources of big companies or startups with tons of venture capital. But we are really proud of what we achieved with tickers so far. We already have thousands of daily users and volunteers who add their favorite websites to tickers. We want to thank everyone for this. You're all awesome.

Please help us to make tickers better. Go to the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store or the Windows Store and give us a good rating. Tell everyone about tickers and like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or subscribe the YouTube channel. And send us your feedback or feature requests.

Build ticker

All the available tickers are the most important part of tickers. If your own or favorite site is not available in tickers, please take yourself the time and add it. Have a look at the tutorial or watch the help video, it will only take a few minutes. Do not forget, a ticker is not only available to you - everyone benefits from it. The more tickers are available, the better the app will be.


Is the tickers app or website not available in your native language? Or have you spotted an error? Want to change this?

All the texts of the current translations are already available for free on our Github repositry. Just download the text files and start translating or correcting. When you're done with the translations or corrections, contact us and we will integrate your changes.

You will be fully credited for your work in the app and on the website.


Want to see your ticker, blog, YouTube channel, app or whatever advertised in tickers, or want your ticker to show up in the Highlights? We can do that for you if you help us out.

We don't want money from you, we want a simple trade. Write an article about tickers on your blog or Facebook Page, create a video about tickers etc. and we'll put your advertising into tickers.

Are you interested? Contact us.