What is tickers?

Tickers is a free and anonymous realtime notification app and service. Just think of it as a generic liveticker: Most of you have probably installed a sports app on your smartphone, where you select your favorite team and whenever it scores or wins, you receive a realtime notification. Tickers uses this basic concept and extends it. You select your favorite ticker, subscribe it and receive realtime notifications. But in tickers, everything can be a ticker: news sites, blogs, YouTube channels, etc. And you can even start your own ticker and send realtime notifications to your subscribers.

Do I need an account? And what does it cost?

No, you don’t need an account to use tickers. Just download the app for free and start using it. We have a simple rule: We do not care who you are. The only thing that matters is the content. Unlike most other apps where you need to supply your email or even your phone number, before you can even start using them.

Does tickers filter or sort messages?

No, tickers does not filter messages at all. You get exactly what you subscribe, sorted chronologically by publish date. And that’s a conscious decision. We know that it is common for social networks and other services to filter out “irrelevant” messages or hide them, but we don’t like this idea. For us, every messages has the same value.

What’s the difference between tickers and a RSS reader?

If you want a detailed answer, please read the news item “How tickers works … or why tickers is not a RSS/feed reader”. Here’s the short story: In tickers, RSS feeds are processed on our servers and new items are sent to you as notification and to your personal liveticker. Therefore, tickers is blazing fast, lowers the data usage a lot, increases battery lifetime and you get the information in realtime on your smartphone. Feed readers, on the other hand, download all the feeds locally, when you start them (some hide this by doing this in the background, even when the app is not running). This takes time, power and bandwidth to crawl all the feeds.

What is the advantage over other news apps?

News apps are usually closed platforms. They represent only one news website or a small collection of news sites. Tickers on the other hand is an open platform, everyone can participate. You can find big news sites, but you can also add your own small blog, Youtube channel, etc. to it, share it with everyone and send realtime notifications to your subscribers.

Why should I use tickers and not my favorite social network?

Well, there are two problems with social networks. First of all: following too much people and news sites generates lots of noise in your account. Sometimes hundreds of messages within a few hours. Therefore mixing your personal life and news is a bad idea. Second, social networks think they are smarter than you and filter all the messages by their own “relevance” (which basically means: publishers, that pay the most, get a better “relevance”). And we do not like this kind of approach and we don’t filter message at all. For us, every message has the same value.

What’s the point of tickers?

When we started the development of tickers, we had two ideals in mind, that we wanted to achieve. The first one was to build an information hub, where most of the information, that you care about, are available. Combined in one app, you don’t need dozens of different apps anymore, only tickers. The second ideal was the idea to offer an anonymous and registration-free service. Everyone should be able to subscribe to a ticker and receive realtime notifications. Just download the app and subscribe your favorite tickers, without leaving a huge digital footprint.

Can I add my blog, website, Facebook page, etc. to tickers?

Yes, for sure. It is really easy and requires only a few minutes of your time, even if you haven’t done this before. Have a look at our tutorial. If you have a website with a RSS feed, a Youtube channel, a Facebook page, etc. you can use Connectors to automate message posting. Connectors are a powerful tool to make your life much easier. Our servers check the source of each Connector (e.g. a RSS feed) periodically for new content and post it automatically.

Do I need a website for my own ticker?

No, you don’t need your own website or blog at all. Just use the app to send realtime notifications to all your subscribers. You can, e.g. send scores from your local sports team directly to every subscriber, in realtime.

Why do I sometimes receive messages twice?

Well, this is a part of our “you get exactly what you subscribe” strategy. Sometimes, messages are published to different channels in a ticker and you therefore receive messages more than once, when you subscribed these channels. So have a look at it, maybe you subscribed to some redundant channels

I found a bug or have a feature request. What should I do?

There are two things you could do: First, write a negative one star rating on the app store and insult us. Or, the more sane way, contact us. We’re really happy to help you out, if you have problems or if the app has a bug. We also take feature requests very serious. A lot of enhancements of tickers came directly from our users.

Can I synchronize my subscriptions with other devices?

Yes, you can synchronize your subscriptions with other devices. Tickers has a feature called tickerCloud, which handles this. First, you need to create an account, login with this account on all of your devices and enable tickerCloud. After that, you can synchronize your subscriptions, notifications and favorites across all your devices.